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When you need to respond to a Montana Court but may have lost the address or phone information, look to our free Montana Court Locator. We provide the most up-to-date information on all 22 state district courts as well as all county courts. Including directions, maps, county clerks, clerks of courts, phone numbers, fax numbers and anything else you need to know about your Montana Court.

To find Address and Phone Number of the Montana Court you are looking for, simply Select the County or City from the drop-down to see a list of Courts that resides in that Judicial district.

State of Montana Judicial Districts

Montana District Courts

If you have a question about which court would hear your case, you’ll need to first know which court to contact and who the Clerk of Court is.

Our Montana Court Locator offers the very latest contact information for the Clerk of Court, and you can find their contact details by selecting from the drop-down either the county or city that the court clerk resides in.